Thursday, July 16, 2015

"7 Tips for a daughter" - a letter from my father

I  discover recently some pictures with my father when I was like a ladybird and I remember some advices from my father.

Do not search desperately for love, because you will find only delusion and disappointment! He wrote me some tips, because he told me later, he felt we haven't the same relationship that I had with my mother. 

A woman understand better a woman! My father, being a man, talked me about men. "What would be good to choose, but you are free to choose." - are the words from my father.

1. Do not look only at the packaging. My dear girl, packaging, after sitting too long in the sun, become yellow and ugly, and what will you do then? Packaging is thin and will not keep you warm on winter nights, cold and covered in snow. The packaging will not take you for hunger or thirst. In vain it's beautiful if is bad. Or petty or selfish. Because your soul will suffer! 

2. Do not matter how much money he had.
Do not jump into his arms because is easier, work to be independent woman. Do not hang on his wallet because, at the end, you will become his slave. And if he go, what do you get? How you will feel, to have everything you want in exchange for your soul? He will love you or you will be the woman who cleans for him all the miseries?

3. He must Promise less and Do more. If you want to share your life with a man, choose a practical man, one who knows that the promises catch value when are supported by facts. A man who speaks more than makes, will tell you more than he really feels.

4. To love without fear. Don't have fear if you feel that the heart takes flight and land in his soul. Do not stop flying because you'll have fear of flying high. Do not love with half measures because you'll have half naked soul and the greatest happiness is to have your soul full with the person you love.

5. Forgive, my daughter. But forgive only what not trampling your dignity. Do not forgive if he wipes with your soul his boots. The soul will tell you what to forgive and to stay and when to go, do not kid yourself thinking that you move the mountain in front of you. People change themselves temporarily - a sort of holiday for how they really are, but any holiday has an end, right?

6. Do not be jealous. I know that now we are encouraged more than ever, to subjugate one another. Do make this mistake and do not to accept this from him. Please understand that love is freedom -  remember you took care of a wounded swallow when you were little? Well, you saw how he did rounds in the air, fly when to the sun, when to the earth giddy? Something like the swallow flight is the freedom of soul - a continuous flight.

7. Do not lie each other. Do not born lies, because then you will get into a vicious circle and at the end is ... separation. Do not think you can lie only once - first time is difficult, then you lose the count. If he's lying you, go and look for the man who can assume deeds, words and your love. Do not accept from you a milksop.

Take care of you!

*** Any comments my dear readers?

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